Secret Steps That Experts Follow For Seo Campaign Success

Entrepreneurs and managers of big enterprises swear that their respective ventures witnessed long term success only after the internet portals of their ventures were subject to successful SEO campaigns.

What Is An Seo Campaign?

As per the opinion of an SEO expert associated with a revered company in the UK that offers professional SEO services, an SEO campaign is a term for the collection of steps taken by SEO experts to make sure that the internet portals of an enterprise achieve high ranks in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) of leading Search Engines.

What Are The Steps Seo Experts Take To Ensure The Success Of An Seo Campaign?

The steps vary, but veteran digital marketing and SEO experts follow the ones mentioned below –

They Would First Analyze The Website Setup Of The Enterprise

SEO experts will first analyse the enterprise’s website whose SEO campaign they are managing. This step is carried out in a bid to make sure that the website is free from significant issues that can directly lead to the failure of an SEO campaign.

For instance, if the official website is not mobile device optimised, it won’t be able to gain top positions in the SERPs of leading Search Engines like Google as the tech giant grants higher ranks to mobile device websites optimised.

The reason is simple – more than 80 % of search queries posted on a Search Engine come from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Hence, if an SEO expert wants to guarantee the success of the SEO campaign they are managing for your enterprise, they would make sure that your brand’s official website is an optimised mobile device.

Seo Campaign Success

They Would Then Proceed With An Seo Audit Of The Official Website

The next step that a veteran SEO expert associated with a revered company offering professional SEO services would take is to assess the overall compatibility of your brand’s website with SEO campaigns by launching an in-depth SEO audit.

A typical SEO audit consists of carrying out the following steps –

  • Assessment of your company’s website URL structure. A successful SEO campaign can only be launched when the URL of your business website is short and easy to remember.
  • Assessment of the overall structure of your company website. It should have a sitemap that follows the traditional hierarchy, which consists of a home page, several landing pages about the services/products offered, an ‘about us’ page and a ‘contact us’ page. Single page static websites are not ideal for SEO campaigns.
  • Assessment of your business website’s XML sitemap and make sure that it is optimised.

The Third Step Is To Research Appropriate Keywords And Fabricate Content Topics

SEO campaigns are generally carried out in creating and publishing articles and blogs on topics relevant to the services or products offered by a business.

The articles and blogs will also contain keywords relevant to the target business and should include local, national and international keywords.

Hence, researching topics and keywords is an important step. SEO experts take the following measures to make sure that the keywords and topics selected will –

  • Allow the content to compete with the content created by the rivals of the target company.
  • Allow the content to be on par with the SEO algorithm followed by leading Search Engines like Google, thus promoting proper indexing and high SERP ranks.


It is strongly advised that business managers hire veteran SEO experts associated with revered digital marketing agencies. Managing SEO campaigns in-house might be cost-efficient, but they seldom return the success rates a professional SEO expert can.