The Importance of Becoming Popular in TikTok

The type of the current social network TikTok is well-known. The homeland of the service is ubiquitous, which bought itself from musical competitors to become a monopoly in its field and conquer a global audience. TikTok is available as an application for various mobile phone platforms, and it can be downloaded. The best way to utilize TikTok and become an expert.

Popular TikTok special effects

The TikTok social network is rapidly gaining popularity. Each of its members is trying to become the most famous of the service and understand how to get filters on TikTok. The effects to process the clip are in the application itself.

How do you find special effects?

Go to the app and click the plus sign to see the available effects. You can apply the following filters to a video clip:

  • Rain;
  • Raindrops;
  • Change hair and eye color:
  • Makeup;
  • “Flight of the soul” of the body;

Are you in a bad mood? It is time to merge with the twilight and move towards the darkness. To add a black eye filter, on TikTok, you will need:

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  • Open the application and click the “More” button;
  • Go to “Effects”;
  • Here you can find the emoticon icon with black eyes and red forks.
  • Overlay the corresponding track, press the video button, and record the video through the app;
  • Edit saved video with special effects.

How to get popular on TikTok?

A social network is a community created to express people through creative videos. TikTok fans are trying to figure out how to increase their following on TikTok.

Ways to promote your page

A legal method to increase popularity is to record original clips. It will require observation and creativity. The main requirement here is creativity! All app participants have already received the same type of videos. Stand out from the crowd, be a “black sheep” among the rest, so that the public will love you. Use the following guidelines:

  • Select a source image to be moved from one video to another.
  • Pantomime emotion and move in unison with the melody overlay.
  • The video must be “live” to engage the audience with something.
  • Video imitations are filming of animals and funny situations with them.
  • Wake up, superhero! Do the impossible for others: jumping, climbing, and any extreme sport.
  • Love of art: Stunning videos related to dance, ballet, music, and other types of creativity will not leave a drop of the soul of the most demanding subscribers indifferent.
  • Catch the hippie! Don’t give up on current trends. Use the hits of the pop stars who do not leave the radio charts.

Popular songs on TikTok are of interest to regular users of the social network. They collect a lot of likes and comments. The faster and more subscribers you have, the more chances you have to get into the TOP. The simple acronym is the gateway to TikTok paradise. When a person becomes famous, one will be able to Buy TikTok Followers.


All of the above methods are available to everyone, but they require time and effort. If you are not used to waiting and have decided to switch, you should learn about alternative forms of promotion.