MilesWeb Review: Perfect Dedicated Servers for your Heavy Websites

Is your website getting heavier and encouraging more sales? Then you definitely require better hosting to handle the load.

Websites with heavier traffic require powerful hosting, where the privacy and security level is higher as such websites start facing too many server downtimes and increased bounce rates.

Powerful hosting is essential, especially for eCommerce and larger websites. They need to be constantly available for browsing. If your website is facing too many server downtimes, it can lead to a heavy loss.

Why would you want to lose good traffic and sales if people are showing interest? It is better to maintain the pace by switching to better hosting, which can handle enough load/traffic and helps generate continuous sales.

Dedicated hosting is one such powerful hosting. It can provide you with more resources and features. Plus, you can enjoy a completely isolated surrounding as there won’t be users sharing server space with you.

Yes, that’s right! You don’t share resources and space here. You will have the entire server dedicated to your website. That means there are more benefits of privacy, security, performance, speed and better features.

You can also opt for MilesWeb’s cheapest dedicated server. If you don’t have a healthy budget, MilesWeb inexpensive dedicated hosting will help flourish your business. They are affordable and offers quality services over quantity. Not just this, but they also provide the best features with all dedicated hosting plans.

Understanding the Meaning of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is more dynamic. It is not like shared hosting. Here, you receive a completely committed environment. That means no user shares the space and resources with you.

Every piece of resource will be yours and yours. Unlike Linux shared hosting Malaysia, there won’t be limitations. You can utilize the resources as you want and can even resell if required. That will give you a little side income.

Additionally, dedicated hosting enhances the performance of websites. It improves the loading pages, decreases bounce rates, and encourages more sales. Dedicated hosting has the power to manage the heaviest traffic.

With dedicated hosting, your eCommerce or heavy website will show more efficiency. This will result in better output. It will also increase overall productivity.

MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting

MilesWeb has many plans for dedicated hosting services. They are all inexpensive so, you don’t need to worry about heavy investment. In fact, you will receive top features with any plan you select.

The company provides both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. If you are looking for managed dedicated plans, you can contact their sales team. However, for unmanaged plans, you can browse the packages.

The first and lowest plan costs Rs. 6,999/m. This package is good if you are switching from shared or VPS hosting. However, if your website has more needs, you can opt for better plans.

The packages range from Rs. 6,999/m to Rs. 46,999/m. MilesWeb offers 100% dedicated resources, and you don’t compromise on any. You get what you buy.

Further, the company offers a custom option as well. If you want a dedicated plan with customized resources, their sales team will assist you with pricing.

It is genuine that sometimes the plans provided by the host doesn’t consist of the required resources. In that case, you can opt for a custom dedicated hosting plan. It may cost differently but will offer you the best services and features.

In fact, I will suggest you buy managed dedicated hosting services. You will not have to worry about server management and other related processes. The host will do it on your behalf and ensure better growth.

If not, then you can go for an unmanaged dedicated hosting service. You will have to look after the server, configuration and customizations. You will not get much technical support from the company’s end.

If you want to expand the business and generate more sales, dedicated hosting is perfect. On top of that, MilesWeb’s dedicated plans are affordable and dynamic.

Here are Benefits to Earn with MilesWeb

Choose Control Panel

MilesWeb has a wide range of control panels like Plesk, cPanel, and Webuzo. You can choose the suitable one and get started immediately.

SSH Root Access

You are permitted to control and manage your server accordingly. Even if you opt for managed services, you will have the authority to customize.

You can download heavy web applications, monitor activity and manage tasks.

Host Multiple Websites

Host as many websites as you want. There will be no restrictions. If you wish, you can move all your other websites to a dedicated server and have a better hosting experience.

Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb offers guaranteed network uptime. With any plan you select, you will receive 99.99% uptime, which is the highest.


Dedicated hosting has more to provide in terms of better hosting. It will help enhance privacy, security, performance and ranking on Google. Moreover, with MilesWeb’s plans, you can enjoy multiple benefits.