How To Choose Online Course Platform In India


Picking up an LMS might be a daunting task for many course creators. We know, selecting the right course hosting platform is crucial for the success of your online course institute. There are several things that should be considered while choosing one.

There are so many course hosting platforms available on the internet and it can be overwhelming to choose the one for your online institute. You have to compare all the available alternatives on the basis of their features and pricing. Along with that, you would also need to identify your requirements because each LMS comes up with different plans and features.

Hence, it is better to decide the features that you need to run your online institute first and after that, you can finalize the platform.

In this blog, I will share 4 things that you should consider while choosing an LMS for your online institute.

How To Choose an LMS

1- Indian Payment Gateway

If you are an Indian course creator, a major section of your learners would be from India. Hence, you need to have the Indian Payment Gateway option. While choosing the LMS, make sure you are selecting the one which provides this feature.

Online Course Platform

4 reasons to choose a platform that allows Indian Payment Gateway integration –

  • Smooth and fast transactions
  • Secured Transactions
  • Supports-UPI payments
  • No extra cost

2- Customer Support

The success of your online institute will highly depend on the LMS platform that you will choose to host your online courses. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you might need support frequently.

Just imagine the scenario when things are going wrong and you’re not getting the response from the LMS support team.

Let’s suppose, your learners are not able to move to the next chapter and they are sending you emails to resolve this issue or something more serious than that.

You would never want to be in such a situation, right?

Hence, choose a course hosting platform that provides robust customer support so that you can reach out to them easily without any delay.

3- Content Security

Creating the course content requires a lot of time, dedication, and patience. Especially the video content as it requires more time and energy than any other type of content like audio or PDF.

Creating video content and then making it ready to be published is not at all a child’s play. It requires multiple takes and edits to make it interactive and engaging.

But, what if someone misuses your content?

You would never want anything of that sort, right?

Hence, choose a platform that provides 100% content security so that no one can ever download, share or misuse your content.

4- Multi-layer Security

Let’s suppose, you have 10 instructors in your online institute. You will have to share the credentials of your online institute with them so that they can upload lectures or conduct live classes. But still, you would not want them to see everything that is available on the platform like your sales or affiliate dashboard or learner’s personal information, etc.

Along with this, the feature of the device login limit is also very important.

For instance, if one learner has purchased your course & has shared his/her login credentials with his 4 friends. Since he has shared his credentials, his friends can also access your course. Now, imagine getting paid for a single course sale when 5 people are consuming it.

You would never want to go through such a situation, right?

Hence, choose a course platform which adds multi-layer security to your online course institute.

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