The History of Logos

If you plan to use a free logo maker online to create unique artwork for your business, have you ever wondered about the history of logos?  In olden times, there were emblems, crests, banners, insignias, hieroglyphs, symbols and signs which served as important visual imagery.  This type of imagery communicated significant features about who and what was represented. 

Centuries ago, many people didn’t read, so it was crucial that messages were conveyed via these images.  For example, groups of knights on horseback would carry a flag or wear apparel bearing a particular coat of arms when traveling from town to town or crossing borders. These designs conveyed crucial information.  Those who saw the knights would instantly know if they were “friend or foe” by their specific flag or “brand” apparel.

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Some elemental aspects of emblems and symbols are still applicable to modern logos and signs.  When you wear team apparel or carry a small flag with a colorful emblem to a sporting event, you are immediately identified as a fan of a particular team.  Traditions like these which originated hundreds of years ago will probably never fade.  The word logo was used in both ancient Greece and Rome.  It signified several different meanings including “word” and “imprint”.  The definitions literally remain the same in modern times.

What information can be gleaned from ancient “logo design” if you are looking for a free logo online today?  

  1. Choose a design to convey what your emblem represents. People shouldn’t have to guess what it means.  It’s human nature to want to know instantly what it conveys.
  2. Choose a design that carries visual impact to create a positive memory of your company, product or service. A memorable image is powerful.
  3. Choose a design that appeals to the eye. People are visual creatures. Therefore, use of color should be eye-catching and inviting.
  4. Choose a design that is trendy even if it’s based on an ancient hieroglyph, symbol or medieval coat of arms. It’s fine to feature an image form which dates back centuries if that image is updated to the look of modern times.
  5. Choose a design that consumers of your product or services would be proud to wear or display.

Keep all of this information in mind when using a free logo maker online.  In today’s age, the internet offers you the access to technology to create your own distinct brand. You will have hundreds or thousands of designs to choose from.