Helpful TIPS When Choosing The Right LED Screen

An LED is Light Emitting Diode. LED display screens are made of electroluminescent diodes. The LED screen displays use the color space model called RGB – “R” for red, “G” for green, and “B” for blue. When these three colors are combined this will create millions of colors including white. They have saturated colors which is important for large scale projections.

How To Choose An LED Screen

Just like purchasing any appliance, there are certain factors to take into consideration when purchasing an LED screen. So how do you choose the perfect LED screen and adjust its parameters in order to suit your needs? Here are some tips that can help you along the way:

Parameters To Consider.  

  • Resolution. This is the most important parameter of LED screens that you have to consider. If you heard the term “pitch” this is the density of LED spacing and this greatly affects the quality of the image. Maximum screen resolution is required in order to display graphics, data, numbers, and other information. The distance of the diodes used will affect the readability of the content. This means that if the LED screen is closed, the density of the LEDs is bigger. To get a high-quality picture or resolution, the LEDs should be placed as close to each other as possible.

  • LED Type. Since there are plenty of diode types you should know that the DIP LEDs are used in the outdoor screens and new solutions (SMD LEDs). This can be used both for indoor and outdoor media.

Purpose Of The LED Screen

  • Mobile LED Screen. Before you buy an LED screen, you should consider clarifying the purpose of the LED screen. If say you need an LED screen to display content in different places, then you need to use Mobile Screens. These can be installed on car trailers and their height can be adjusted. You can also change their location depending on your needs. These screens will not need to be dismantled if you want to move them. The mobile screens work in different weather conditions and are the perfect addition for outdoor events.
  • Rental LED Screens. If you need to change the media location frequently, then you need portable or rental screens. These are specifically built of lighter materials and are fitted with special latches and also quick connectors. This allows you for quick assembly and disassembly. These are also perfect for sports bands.
  • LED Curtain. These are the perfect choice for irregular spaces. If you want to make an original and eye-catching scenery, then this is the best choice for you. You can hang them on any building structure if you want them installed inside the building or in open spaces. This is possible because it is lightweight.

Are you ready to make a choice? If not, take a look at these options mentioned above and find out the best-LED screen display for your needs. Follow the parameters that you have to consider for the best purchase decision.