Wolf Global Plans For Instagram Likes

Instagram Likes is one of the key players on how popular your Instagram Account is. But achieving the most number of likes in a month can be frustrating, especially if you are just starting out. But with the rapid rise in technology these days, everything is made possible. If you want to increase your Instagram Likes, you should visit Wolf Global.

Wolf Global is one of the leading websites who offer plans that can help boost your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. One of their best sellers in the Premium Plans where you can Buy Instagram Likes that can definitely help when you are looking into increasing your account’s popularity.

Wolf Global Flexible Plans (Pricing for 60 Posts)

250 Likes. This Premium Instagram Likes Plan is for $49.99. This is the best starter pack for your Instagram account if you want to try this service from Wolf Global. This plan will give you 250 likes on every post for a total of 60 posts. This plan does not require any password. The system will be able to detect new posts then the likes will be delivered. Just wait for 24 hours and your first post will automatically receive 250 likes.

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500 Likes. If you want to receive 500 like on your every post on Instagram, this is the best plan for you. For $79.99, 500 Likes per post for a total of 60 posts already sounds like a good deal. But there’s more to this plan. Currently, this plan is on sale and you save as much as $20 if you choose this Instagram Likes Plan.

1000 Likes. For $149.99 with a discount of $50, your Instagram account will receive 1,000 Likes on each post for a total of 60 posts. Similar to the other plans, this will not require you to provide a password. Just submit your Username and you’re good to go. Once the system detects a new post from you, automatically, you post will receive 1000 likes.

2500 Likes. This plan is for $349.99. This is currently on sale and you can save $140 when you choose this plan. It will give you 2,500 likes on every post for a total of 60 posts. Just give it 24 hours for the plan to activate and you can start posting on your Instagram Account to receive the likes from Wolf Global.

For Start-Ups. If you are having second thoughts on whether you want to try this services from Wolf Global, you can choose two options that would be best for you.

  • 50 Auto – Likes for $19.99 a month
  • 100 Auto – Likes for $29.99 a month

Remember that the likes that you will receive will not be exactly the same amount. By adjusting it to 10%, the likes will look more natural. If say you chose a package that will give you 250 likes per post, the actual likes that you will receive is around 240 to 260 likes on your every post. So what are you waiting for? Increase those Instagram Likes without any hassle!