What Are The Top Features Of GTA Vice City?

There are various versions of GTA popular in the market but somewhere down the line, GTA Vice City has become the most popular among them all. The popularity has to do with the features it provides. In fact, the upgrade from the previous version named Liberty City is too huge and that is why it has managed to attract the attention of the gamers and won their heart. If you have not already, you should download GTA Vice City APK on your smartphone and tablet and start enjoying the beautiful adventurous game.

Features Of GTA Vice City

A Better City – If you compare Vice City with its previous version GTA City, you can tell that there have been massive improvements. In fact, the size of the city has increased by three times which is why it is more fun to explore. Furthermore, it is quite complex and has better details which are what every gamer wants.

GTA Vice City APK

Motorcycles – GTA Vice City brings some of the best new motorcycles in the GTA series. The motorcycles of GTA are one of the main attraction and in GTA Vice City, the motorcycle has got a better 3D makeover with stunning new inclusions.

Helicopters – There are certain versions of GTA which failed miserably due to the absence of helicopters. GTA Vice city offers the gamers the opportunity to fly helicopters even though they are hard to get hold of. But the fun to flying one is better than even riding a motorcycle.

Better Streaming – Streaming through LANs or internet is very popular in today’s gaming world. People can play as a team or against each other. Therefore, GTA Vice City has upgraded its streaming technology. Once your download GTA Vice City APK and install it to play the game, you can find out that the streaming is faster than most games and there are hardly any slowdowns.

Miscellaneous Upgrades – There has been the inclusion of some of the new weapons at the advanced stages which is always that drives the gamers to reach the higher levels. The soundtracks are totally different and there are some new characters and maps included. Due to the popularity of the game, there are many cheats available which the gamers can use when they get stuck at any level. This is what keeps the game more interested and attractive.

There are many more things to explore, download the APK file and get started.