For a great startup in a business, establishing an own website featuring not just an overview of the company but the products, services, goals and contact details is a key to creating the business more successful but a lot of businessmen who are new to this kind of innovation are ended up confused every time software developers start to offer them a webpage or a landing page.

Well, these two web contents are very different from each but both play a very significant role in the business’s success through internet marketing and advertising. If you have a business and plans to venture into internet marketing and advertising it is essential to learn between the differences between a webpage and a landing page so that you will when is the best time to take the full advantage between this two platforms and know the differences between them and avoid mistakes that might affect your business.

Both a webpage and a landing page are aimed at optimizing your website but both functions differently that is why there is a sense to prioritize one rather than choosing both platforms.

Content pages or a web page is a continuing site. Meaning, it can be navigated through menus, sub-menus, panels that are linked to different contents that are relevant to the web page itself. It could either be the company, product or service’s background or overview, objectives and more on the advertising and marketing aspect.

this great article from use proof on landing page examples for

 Landing pages meanwhile have a sole objective which is too straight to the point unlike a web page, it only has a single web page that provides all the necessary information and leads that the visitor wants to learn.

Well, this great article from use proof on landing page examples for the different types of landing pages like lead generation landing pages and click-through landing pages.

For a complete understanding of how landing pages make visitor-to-lead conversions (and reconversions) possible, let’s talk through a hypothetical scenario that will help demonstrate the simple pathway of a visitor into a lead through a landing page.

Why is landing page essential in promoting or advertising your business? Well, first off, just like web pages, the landing page also provides additional information and the details about the product or services that is being offered by the company through a conversion form that the customer filled up with all the necessary information about the things she wants to learn which in return, the landing page operator or administrator or the search engine will provide a list of sites that are called AdWords which are the keywords that were optimized and generated from the information or set of words the customer provides.

Landing pages easily generate leads unlike other forms of digital marketing or web marketing where a business has to send e-mails, make social media announcements and press releases in order to generate their lead and attract more potential customers. Landing pages work differently; the way it promotes a business is through optimizing the provided keywords by the customer or site visitor.  It also collects demographic information about the site’s visitors