The great experience of virtual bullying

The incident if Bullying is very common for everyone because everyone is acquainted with bullying. But when you will know that there is a game which includes the concept of bullying then definitely the harsh or pleasant incident will appear again in front of your eyes. The game which is based on bullying is called as “Bully” game and it is getting popularity day by day. According to recent news, the founder of this game is celebrating the ten years of its success by introducing bully anniversary edition. This edition is really getting popularity from its player because it is more entertaining and flexible for every mobile phone according to its accessibility. The lead character of this game is Jimmy Hopkins and the story of the game revolves around him.

Competition is on your figure tips

The game is developed by seeing the interest of the player and present scenario. Previously the game was not compatible to the Android and iOS device but everybody knows in the modern era maximum people use this mobile, so on the 10 anniversary, the team of Bully game has come with the new exciting feature. One of the best features of this new edition is replay kit is supported by the iOS device and streaming is also flawless here. Apart from easy streaming, shearing is also easy with respect to A9X. New edition has come up with a great idea, in which not only the main game is touch control but also a mini-game. If we talk about games comes under Bully game then many games such as the frog dissect the game, English word problem game, Flying squirrel Nut shots game and many more.

New resolution and design are interesting

The new game is the result of the research of many years because it has every new technology what a player expect during the game. Now, the game is on Android as well as iOS and the feature is also enhanced. The graphics, texture, lightning along with character is renovated. This new feature has several modes but the most exciting mode is new friend competitive mode, in which you can invite your friend for the open competition from anywhere. The main ides of redesigning was come up with touch gameplay. In fact, today not only the main game consists this feature but also mini-game includes this. If we talk about the main anniversary game feature, it supports physical controller. on the other hand, the Taptic engine for Apple supports class 7 device of iPhone.


In new edition one can you can challenge your friend openly and there is a feature of turn by turn play and head to head competition. The promising feature of new addition citing the popularity of the game and it is going to be increased.  The character is very similar to our daily life and the condition of the game is also similar such as Boss- Employee relation, boxing arena game, two groups fighting in a school or college, basketball competition, street bully and many more. So all the game over here is very common and realistic that’s why it is getting more popular day by day.