Know More About Panda VPN

Customers looking for a new VPN or antivirus should consider one of the newest contenders on the market, VPN Panda. This VPN combines the internal protection of their antivirus as well as their newest addition, their VPN designed by Hotspot Shield.

VPN Panda uses

As with all VPNs, security is the primary objective, but there are additional benefits that make choosing the right VPN very important. Firstly, their security measures are one of the best available. Hotspot shield is one of the leading designers of VPN systems worldwide.

In addition to this security, you will be able to use the VPN to access content that would otherwise be blocked. This includes both content streaming and torrent downloading. For some people, these two uses are the most important. Security is one thing, but being able to watch your favorite series or download the latest movies is important to some people.

Although most VPNs offer this service, some aren’t as reliable as others. Thankfully, VPN panda is one of the more reliable options available. With a wide selection of servers and protocols, ensuring that you will always be able to connect to the country of your choosing.

Purchasing Options

As with any online security/utility service, one should be wary of the ones that are free. Panda VPN does have a free option available, but their main services cost money. There are a variety of packages available.

VPN Panda uses

These packages range from the ‘essential’ package to the ‘premium’ package. All of them include different services, but the essential VPN and antivirus service is included in all of them.

Why pay separate companies for antivirus and VPN services when you can purchase the Panda Antivirus and their VPN in one complete package. Pricing is reasonable and their premium package costs $10 a month, with an optional 35% discount if you book for the entire year in advance.


If you want a reliable and easy-to-use VPN and antivirus, then you should definitely consider Panda. There have been times when users were unable to connect to the servers of their choosing, but their servers and protocols are regularly updated to ensure that this does not happen often.

Many of the altrnative VPNs may seem just as attractive, but most of the time their software does not hide your IP address 100% of the time, which is known as IP leaking. This is something you should be very aware of before you consider buying any VPN software because IP leaks defeat the object of having a VPN in the first place.

You can be rest assured that with a Panda VPN and its anti-virus, your IP is always secured throughout the duration of your connection. Furthermore, the chances of your machine picking up a virus are closed off by the VPN closing certain ports used by viruses and there is the added protection of the Panada anti-virus, which is included within the VPN software.

Therefore, you have an all in one solution that means your device is protected while connected to the internet using the VPN as well as when you are not using the VPN. Arguably this is the best VPN deal available right now as Panda VPN is all about protection..