Know About IBM Cloud Hosting Services

With IBM Cloud Hosting services, one can have IBM managed and provided equipment or deal with a self-provided one that is security rich and are scalable. From customer managed infrastructure to fully managed applications, the client defines the service model, pricing and options for every application.

Advantages of IBM Cloud Hosting Services

  1. IBM Cloud Private Hosting provides the paybacks of pay-per-use model with dedicated cloud storage. This can result in cost savings as the client has to pay for what they use and because they can access it anytime, they need not pay for additional capacity.
  2. The physical servers are housed within secured IBM data centers and so prevent people accessing or disrupting them on site.
  3. It is reliable. Being hosted on extensive networks, even there is one offline server, it does not pact on the availability as other virtual servers continue to pull their resource from remaining network of services.
  4. It is scalable to meet the increasing demands.
  5. It eliminates complexity of multiple servers.

Popular IBM Cloud Hosting Categories

IBM Power Systems

Highly available server designed with Open Stack-based cloud management and open source automation.iSeries and AS400 are server brand names used interchangeably to make it easy for viewers to find information with search engines on the web. It is highly secure and automated.

4-Hour IBM i

Upgrade from IBM POWER i (iSeries / AS400 systems) with V7.2 or V7.3 within 2-4 hours depending on the amount of data. So the servers downtime is negligible – about 4 hours or even less. The complete data is backed up in IBM server first and then during the restore process, a complete testing of the restoration is done free of cost. It is fast, safe and reliable.So, the company’s production is not affected at any cost.

Cloud 400

Cloud400 Online Backup is a reasonably priced recovery option for any iSeries disaster, System i AS400, or IBM i, recovery plan.

IBM SoftLayer Hosting

Designed as a top pick for medium to larger scale business hosting site, the IBM Soft layer hosting is capable enough to manage and host multiple sites at once. The finest feature about it is that the developers get complete network control. Users can easily enjoy a range of multiple benefits with the minimalist technical team interaction by changing the control panel and having a hold over power outlet controls and ethernet cables.

IBM SoftLayer comes in three different server options: Managed Servers, CloudLayers and dedicated servers. It will be expensive but these hosting servers tailor the needs to fit the business based on speed, time constraint, memory and connectivity.  And for the most, any good company, in whichever field it is will give you three things – commitment, support and peace of mind!