How can you browse web pages which are restricted for your region/IP address?

Many a times you may require to access sites which might be blocked for your IP address. This is where you can use free proxy browser. This browser will allow you to unblock those particular websites which denies you permission of access. Your IP address is hidden from ISP (internet Service Provider). They will show a different IP address to the internet which is not yours. Hence, your IP address wil never be disclosed to the internet.

Have you ever given a thought why a particular site you want to visit restricts you?  There are many government restricted sites which are not allowed in a specific geographical region. Some news websites may be blocked so that latest information is not leaked to the public or you may not be allowed to comment on any particular site which might create government issues. To access those you can use proxy browsers which are available free.

How does a free proxy browser work?

Free proxy browser is used to bypass filters, unblock sites and help in browsing blocked sites anonymously across the globe. The communication via a proxy browser is safe and secure because your IP address is never exposed to any websites. Proxy browsers use a different IP address and therefore the servers will never know from where the request for that blocked site has come from.

Example of a proxy browser is VPN proxy browser. VPN or Virtual Proxy browser is an online browser which hides your IP address and internet history and allows you to access blocked sites. Benefits of VPN Proxy browser:

  • It hides your IP address and protects you from network spies. Your IP address is replaced with a different one and hence your identity is hidden and your presence is anonymous. Therefore, proxy browsers are often referred to as a middleman between the internet server and the client computer.
  • It is a web browser based proxy and hence no additional software is required to be installed in your system
  • The communication carries through proxy browsers are encrypted and is therefore secured.
  • There are multiple proxy servers available online from which you can choose
  • It helps to unblock websites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Gmail etc.

Hence can be sum up as when you are typing any URL in your proxy browser, it forwards your request to the web server/ application without disclosing your IP address.  The web server then returns the requested page to the proxy browser which in turn displays the page to the client computer. Thus the web server will not be able to know your IP address. It will see the address shown by the proxy browser.