Benefits of Whitelisting for Your Company

Every business owner knows what blacklisting is – the process of blocking certain applications or programs from the computers that you have in your offices. While this is a great way to control what your employees are using and seeing during the workday, there is actually a better way to take control of the work day. Blacklisting is difficult to implement successfully as it is easy for programs to slip through if they are not directly blacklisted.It is also impossible to be aware of all existing threats. Whitelisting, on the other hand, blocks all programs and applications that you have not specified that the computers can run, making it a great alternative protection option by giving you complete control over what is used by your office computers.

Better Control

The main reason that companies look into application whitelisting products is because these applications give the employer control over what kinds of programs or hardware will be used. Everything that you want your employees to have access to will need to be whitelisted, if not, it will not be allowed on the computer. This blanket protection will keep all nefarious programs from running on your computers, and you have total control over what is allowed to operate. Where blacklisting can leave major holes in the safety of your systems, whitelisting offers complete protection.

look into application whitelisting products

Immediate Lock Down

As soon as you begin using a whitelisting product, your computers will block anything that is not on the list. This happens immediately, and is a great way to take control of computers right away. If you are looking for a way to block programs and applications immediately then whitelisting is the right choice for you. In addition, your whitelist will be enforced by a snapshot of each endpoint that you create, which allows the program to go into effect right away and start blocking everything that you have not approved.

Protection Even When You are Offline

It is important that you protect your computers when they are offline as well as when they are online, as many attacks occur when your computer is not online. As long as the threat is in your computer system, it can be activated at any time, leaving you open to attack. Whitelisting will protect your computer systems at all times, no matter if they are offline or online, stopping any potential attacks in their tracks.

To ensure that your company’s computers are protected from threats and that your employees are only using authorised programs and applications, whitelisting is the obvious choice. While blacklisting is much more common, business owners everywhere are learning about the benefits that whitelisting offers, including a simple authorisation that you can use to add or remove additional programs and memory protection for your computer.